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 If you’ve come here, you’ve probably done so by referral. As you can see, I like to keep things simple.

I’m assuming you’ve heard about my services. They are as follows:


Professional Article Writer and Editor

I am a professional article writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in newspapers, trade magazines, and online publications. I research, interview, and then create compelling copy that is concise, entertaining, and revealing. My vast pool of experience allows me to write copy for any subject matter. I can write for you, I can help you develop content and build an audience, or I can edit larger works you have written.

Professional Writing Coach

Are you in the midst of preparing to write a book? Perhaps you’ve been kicking around the idea and are finally ready to get started. As a professional writing coach, I can prepare you for what lies ahead. It takes a lot of work to properly prepare a book for publication. I can help. Having been a professional news and magazine editor/proofreader/manager, I simply have skills that most do not. Beyond that, I have a world of experience to offer, and I greatly enjoy doing so. I’ve written several books myself.

Print and Online Magazine Consulting

When I started as a daily newspaper reporter, people were still allowed to smoke in the newsroom. Those days and long gone (and good riddance). Back then, newsrooms were a terrible environment. They did, however, teach me a lot of the skills that I still use today. Working for a newspaper taught me how to properly source information, how to interview subject matter experts, and how to produce an entire article in the same day. Those are some of the most memorable days of my life. I took these skills into trade magazine writing and editing, eventually even producing some magazines (both print and online) of my own. With the Internet came new duties. I had to learn to navigate a landscape of “plugins”, “posts”, and “widgets”, and I did so with fervor. What I now offer clients is a respectable background in not only what it takes to produce a professional online magazine, but how to structure it to get the most out of what the vast Internet has to offer.

WordPress Sufusion Theme Expert

Creating and managing a WordPress website takes dedication, attention to detail, and brilliant behind-the-scenes preparation. I should be clear: I am not a site designer. I can’t make you fancy graphics, dancing polar bears, or buttons shaped like cupcakes. What I do have to offer is a solid infrastructure that will keep your site grounded, functioning, and professional. It’s just good business to structure your site in a way visitors can not only enjoy, but reap the most benefit from. I’ve been using WordPress since they started, and I am an expert in the Suffusion theme. In my humble opinion, this is the most brilliant theme available, and its developer (Sayontan Sinha) regularly maintains and updates the theme to adjust with the changing needs of the Internet. The Suffusion theme allows for the greatest flexibility and freedom, more so than any other theme I have found. I always insist on using this theme, since the finished product can be made to look like practically anything.

RATE: $75 per hour

Available via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Phone